A Church Crawler's Journal


7UuQgt82.jpgI’ve been a lover of churches my whole life – I love their history and architecture and cherish the role these buildings have played and meant within the lives of our ancestors and for us today.

This blog will look at a variety of churches that generally have a special meaning to me. I’ll aim to fill the gap in providing history on these buildings that isnt readily available elsewhere online…

The primary focus here will be on Devon churches – the title for the blog being taken from the wondrous series of books by John Stabb published in the early C20. Stabb’s photographs included as part of his series are the historians dream and I’ve spent many hours lost in his volumes. However, there are many magnificent churches outside of Devon and I’ll be including some of those as well…

Some churches here have multiple pages of information, i.e. Buckfastleigh and Yealmpton. Make sure you click on link to access the parish main page for the church history before looking at the other sub-history pages!

From time to time I’ll also be dabbling in matters of Family History in the hope some lost ‘cousins’ will come forward to connect and share information!

I’ll also be adding elements of local history covering the former Three Towns of Plymouth, Devonport and [East] Stonehouse.

Please do contact me if you’re interested in any of the churches, or in anything else on this site – or have photographs/information you can share – of if you’d like to make any other comments!

You’ll find me on Twitter @goragray and this is the best way to make contact with me.

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂