Devonport’s War Memorial Window

The magnificent East Window at St Aubyn’s Church, Devonport is truly one of the most beautiful in the City.

It stands in memory of the men of the Parish who served in the Great War, and as a thank offering for peace.


An account of the dedication of the window appears in the Western Morning News of Friday 14 May 1926 –


“Love is the only thing that will solve the present industrial problem” said the Bishop of Exeter in his address at the unveiling of a war memorial east window at St Aubyn Church, Devonport, by Lady Florence Cecil. Love alone could strive against the powers of darkness, fear and cruelty. Right through the ages people had been misled into thinking that force would win the day, but they always discovered that Christianity was triumphant in the end. Rev. Dr. J. Trelawny-Ross assisted in the service.


The subject of the window is “The Church of Christ Triumphant”. The main figure, the Crowned Christ, is depicted in robes of deep rubies. On either side stand the figures of St Gabriel and St Michael in robes of white and gold. Behind the figures and the throne are Cherubim and Seraphim. A great emerald rainbow, on which the throne stands, runs through the three lights, binding them together. Above this is an angel choir, with harps and lutes. The bottom half of the window shows the saints in adoration, standing on clouds with the earth seen far below.

Except fof the figure of the Christ the top part of the window is kept light in its colour scheme, being depicted in whites, pale blues and yellows. In contrast to this the bottom and part of the window if full of deep rich colours.

The inscription on the memorial brass is –

In faith of Jesus Christ and in memory of all our fellow countrymen who served in the Great War, and as a thank-offering for peace, the East Window was dedicated on Ascension-day, 1926.

Te Deum Laudamus

Among those present at the ceremony were the Mayor of Plymouth, Mr. R. J. Mitchell, Admiral Sir Richard Phillimore, and Major-General Sir Edward Northey.

Following the ceremony Last Post and Reveille were sounded.

The architect is Mr C. Cheverton, of Devonport.

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