Mutley Methodist Church, Plymouth

Mutley Wesleyan Church began its life in 1880. A large and presigious church, its fortunes sadly saw the building live for less than 100 years when the church was closed in 1977.

Mutley Plain
Mutley Wesleyan Church, c1910

The foundation memorial stones for the church were laid on 26 May 1880; the principal stone being laid by Mr MacLiver, MP. Newspaper reports of the time say:

The memorial stones of a new Wesleyan Chapel, Plymouth, were laid yesterday, the principal one by Mr MacLiver, MP, who, referring to the Church movement in Cornwall, and the ceremony of last week, said an aggression in Cornwall of a system comparatively new there was unnecessary and unfair. The work of the Church was not needed there. Methodism had, and was doing a great work in Cornwall, and he doubted not, would continue to be true to her instincts and her traditions.

The Church opened for worship on Wednesday, 12 October 1881.
Aerial view of Mutley Plain, c1950
The Church, part of the King Street Circuit, Plymouth was a large building of limestone and Portland stone dressings in the Gothic style. It had a tower at the south-west angle and over the main entrance a large stained window. There were 959 sittings in the Church and space in the basement for 400 scholars in the school rooms.
Mutley Methodust
Mutley Methodist Church, c1975

The Church closed on Sunday 12 June 1977.

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